Frequency 122.47 • REservation : 418-877-4419

Terminal 611CONTACT US

Quebec City Executive Terminal
611, 6th Avenue
Jean Lesage International Airport
Quebec City, Quebec G2G 2T4

For more information, please contact us at:
Phone : 418-877-4419
Fax : 418-781-2327
Frequency : 122.47

Hours of Operation
06:00 to 21:00

Questions and Answers

Here are a few commonly asked questions about our facility and services. If there's something not covered, please feel free to contact or call us directly at 418-877-4419.

Q: What are your operating hours?

A: We are open 7 days a week all year long from 06:00 to 21:00. We do offer services after those hours but a night call fee will be charge.

Q: What are the customs procedures?

A: You need to register with Canpass (1-888-226-7277) prior to departure. On arrival, you need to call Canpass (if you do not have a cell phone on board there is a courtesy phone on site). Once you receive a clearance number from Canpass you can exit the airplane. For more detail visit Canada Border Services Agency.

Q: Can I clear customs on the Terminal 611 Ramp?

A: Yes, you must have a clearance number from Canpass or have seen the custom agent on site to exit the airplane.

Q: How long is the drive from CYQB to downtown Quebec City?

A: The drive is approximately 20 minutes, although more time should be allowed if traveling during rush hour.